Design is an important factor to determine a value of the goods in producing clothes.

However, it is not easy to work out what a good design is called.

Clothes are not merely objects but they are valued when they are actually put on.

I do not think what pursues only apparent beauty with a cloth is a good design.

What I am looking for in Support Surface is to produce clothes that make women themselves really feel a high quality when it is put on,
and make them look more beautifully including their expressions and behaviors.

Such designs on the products as is closely associated with skin should be full of sensitive tastes and feelings.

Designing what comes out from inside, in other words, what they realize as it should be leads to a good design in the real sense of the term.

Support Surface begins with draping totally done by myself.

That is to say, I draw a design in my mind without actually drawing on a paper as I endue a torso model with unprocessed clothing fabric and feel an image from the artificial model by facing to and touching on it.

Removing such stereotypes as a front body, a back body and sleeves, it is possible to make a clear image after "an unexpected encounter",
"inspiration" and "a decision" in the process of trying to build up an image as repeatedly looking with views from each of 360 degree angles
at what the theme is, cutting the cloth, fixing with pins, and tacking with a basting yarn.

Ideas obtained from such standing posture lead to an organic design that is natural and comfortable for human bodies.

Not insisting particularly on trends, philosophical messages, high technics or good materials, but pursuing functionality and comfortability,
an ideal is for me to propose my own world in such a wise manner as to balance all the factors focusing on the woman who wears so a personality can stand out.

I like to continue to produce articles that are always fresh and attractive.


Norio Surikabe

Designer Profile

Norio Surikabe

Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School
Assistant designer of "Romeo Gigli" in Milan
Chief designer of "NN Studio" at "10 CORSO COMO" in Milan
Activity as a freelance designer in Japan
Design consulting contract with "ALBERTO BIANI S.p.a"
as a main work
in charge of the design of each brand
"INCOTEX donna"
"BORGOFIORI by Marzotto"
Started "support surface" project
Established "support surface Co.,Ltd."
Norio Surikabe

what is really beautiful contains nothing unnecessary.
yet, what contains nothing unnecessary is not always beautiful.